Jezebel – 3

The story of Naboth is perhaps the best-known story of Jezebel’s life. Naboth, a common landowner who lived close to the King’s residence, was asked to give his land to King Ahab in exchange for some compensation. Because of Jewish law, Naboth refused to give up his family’s ancestral land. Incited by Naboth’s refusal to King Ahab, Jezebel falsely charged him with treason and blaspheming “God and the king,” and had him condemned to death by stoning. She then took his plot of land for the king. At this point, Elijah arrived and confronted King Ahab about this brutal transgression, and then predicted that Ahab and all of his heirs would be killed and that dogs will eat Jezebel, according to the famous story.

Several years later, Ahab died in a battle against the Syrians, and a man named Jehu was promised the crown if he killed Jezebel’s son, thus taking Jezebel’s power. As the story goes, Jehu made his way Jezebel’s palace to murder her, and she, expecting him, applied make-up and dressed herself in finery. Her actions have been interpreted in a variety of ways—some people believe she was simply dressing for a dignified death. Others believe she was “painting” herself in hopes of seducing Jehu and becoming his mistress. In the end, she was thrown out of her bedroom window, trampled by horses and eaten by dogs.

People, please listen to the Holy Spirit and read your Bible. This is just notes that I made from listening and reading. Do your own research and you will see this spirit all over the world you and me are living in. Remember the spiritual world is more real than the physical world.


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  1. maryannejonker says:

    Danie onthou die is nie ‘n spirit nie dis ‘n hele principality. Dis hoekom dit so ‘n moeilike ding is om van ontslae te raak.


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    1. Danie Jonker says:

      Ons sal dit nog bietjie meer vleis gee, soos ons gaan.


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