Jezebel – 5

The people, under the influence of the Jezebels spirit, that cut of your spiritual legs will also be from your inner circle, people from your own household. It is not the people, but the evil spirits that is controlling them. They don’t realize that they are under the influence of the Jezebel spirit. They will also be first liked by most of the people. Jezebel needs to find weak Christians to control. That’s why it is so important that we ask great discernment from God. People with the Jezebel spirit don’t want to be held accountable for anything that goes wrong. Jezebels spirits will always be offering to help you, mostly spiritually, because they will tell you God gave them word to help you. But they are lying!!

People under the influence of Jezebel (controlling other people) is victims of self pity, they need all the attention in the room. They are full of guilt and use it to manipulate other people, (even their own family). They cast spells over churches and over people. They cast spells over your  finances, their health. The list is long. And then you are wondering what is wrong in your house? This is dangerous people, they will destroy your life and your family.

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