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I am seeing a lot of christians battle to take control in their daily lifes. Myself struggle   with everything I must cope with in daily life. I am not loving people as I suppose to do. I do not forgive people as I suppose to do.

And then me, and a lot of christians, start to worry and think how to improve my spiritual life.

Rom 5:1 & 2 stated that Jesus brought us in rightstanding with God due to our faith. No need to search the depths of our hearts for arguments to force our entry to the throne room. We must learn and except that Jesus did all for us on the cross.

Rom 5:17 mentioned that we must rule as kings on this planet. To reign as kings on this earth describe the normal life of any christian. Many times we feel like losers and not winners at all. Not like any king ruling over this planet. Many christians takes a step which is rooted in genuine aspiration to do better, but sadly it is a WRONG step through the WRONG door along the WRONG path. To set “targets” for ouselves to live by, is not wrong, but we can bring stress into our lives if we do that. It is not wrong to plan our lives, but also consult God in this.

To do better by yourself in life to be a better christian is the wrong attitude. Know God in everything you do and think and He will bless you and direct you on the right path.

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