Sheep or Goat?


God wants nations to be sheep nations, nations to pray for each other and to look after one another. We as Christians must pray for South Africa to repent, to seek the Lord. We, as warriors, must bless our nation to become a sheep nation.

Because we can change and control the physical, we actually speak matter/ substance. The same power that is with god, is also available to us.

Research show that only max. of 25% of mental and physical sicknesses come from the environment and genes. Our thinking activates our genes and changes our brains.

Negative thinking is not normal. Our DNA can change shape according to our thoughts. Negative thinking wire our brains and put our mind and body into stress.

Satan is called the prince of this world. (John 12:3 & 14:30) a Prince is some one who holds legal rights to a Kingdom. The devil manipulate our thoughts to be negative if we allow him. To have discernment we must know the Spirit of truth. (John. 16:13a). Most of us do not battle with who we are, but with what we believe. We cannot create an identity on our feelings.

In Christ we are new creations, the old things passed away, all things have become new. Stop trying to fix the old man/woman. Our true identity is determined by God. In Rom 8:33 God is the God that justified. Many Christians fear that they are not sanctified enough to be acceptable to God.

Christ is not a abstract concept. Jesus cancelled all the handwriting that was against us and nailed it to the cross (Col. 2:14) and disarmed the rulers and authorities of this world.

We must just believe it!!!

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