The Difference….20.03.2021

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Rom. 1:5…”Through Jesus we received grace to call people from all nations to the obedience that comes from faith.”

Faith is easy…God gave it to us.

Obedience is not so easy….it is our choice.


Suppose your husband/wife is late returning from work. What pictures do you see on your inner screen?

An accident?

An affair?

Satan is more than happy to supply you with more pictures if you are going that way. It is your choice to switch on the screen you want to watch.

Mark Virkler.


We need a daring faith. We need to have a faith that delights at what seems impossible, a faith that will stretch us, a faith that makes the impossible possible. Your prophetic declarations will only be as potent as your faith levels.

Emma Stark

Enjoy your day.

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