Read this!!!!……….23.03.2021

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In Matth. 9:23 to 25 when Jesus entered the synagogue leader’s house and He saw the noisy crowd and the people playing pipes, He said: ” Go away.”

In Acts 9:39 to 40 Peter is faced with a whole group of sobbing widows around Thabita’s bed. Peter throw them all out in order that he can steward a faith filled atmosphere.

This means there are some people that you cannot have around you because they are “faith stealers”

Don’t be a “faith stealer”!!!!

Emma Stark


Seeing in the Spirit needs some practicing. Take out a sheet of paper and ask God what He wants to say to you concerning the use of the eyes of your heart. Then relax and in faith write down all the thoughts that are coming from your mind. When the flow is over, go back and and test them against the Word of God.

Mark Virkler.

Enjoy your day.

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