120 ??…27.03.2021

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

In 2 Chron. 5: when Solomon finished his temple he had 120 priests with sounding trumpets and the temple was filled with a cloud so that the priests could not continue ministering……….

In Genesis 6 Noah was building 120 years building the ark……and the earth was flooded.

The man is indeed flesh, and his days will be 120 years said the Lord.

In the Upper Room 120 Christians came together and pray and Spirit of God filled the room………God gathered this 120 Christians at pentecost and there was a big noise and all the people in the city could hear the noise and came together to see what is happening.

This was the closing age of the flesh and it marked the beginning of the age of the Spirit.

But when Jesus was born it was a quiet night with a clear sky with a star to follow. The moment was marked with peace quietness. What a contrast to the powerful noise that accompanied the arrival of the Holy Spirit.

Benny Hinn

Enjoy your day.

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