Demonic Backlash?….05.04.2021

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Did you ever experienced that bizarre things began to happen in your life when you look deeper in the Bible or when you joined a local cell group from your church? The box freeze full of meat broke? Your car broke down? Sickness erupted? Most Christians believe that is satan now attacking your home because you are promoting God’s Kingdom. The name for that is demonic backlash.

With what we believe we give power and authority to that spiritual realm. If you believe in back lash it will happen because you give authority to it. We are the only beings in the universe with authority to discard, surrender and to hand over. Only God and humans have power and authority. Don’t give it away!! Rom 12:2 tells us to renew and transform your mind.

If satan attack your home resist the devil and he will flee from you. You may start a battle but you will win. Don’t give him the authority to attack you home and to destroy. It is never the case that you lack power and authority.

Emma Stark.

Enjoy your day.

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