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The Outer Court was a large open area surrounding the tent which housed the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. It received the natural light of the sun and the moon. In the Outer Court there were two pieces of furniture: the brazen altar and the laver. The brazen altar stood directly in front of the gate. It was there that lambs were sacrificed to atone for the sins of the people. This altar could not be bypassed. When seeking the presence of the Lord, we have to stop at the brazen altar and perform the proper sacrifice.The brazen altar represents the cross, directly inside the gate of salvation. It means death of your flesh. It means laying down what we want and desiring only His will.

The second piece of furniture in the Outer Court was the laver. It was a circular bowl where the priest washed themselves after sacrificing the lambs. I had two levels so they could wash their hands and feet. The laver represents the Word of God. The Logos has a cleansing effect upon our lives. It doesn’t take any special revelation to understand and obey God’s commandments. We don’t need to call a prayer meeting to discern the meaning of “Do not commit murder.” The laver was formed from the material commonly used to make mirrors. Just as a mirror is useful only if we act on what it reveals, so we must act on the Word of God if it is to be effective in our lives.

Mark Virkler

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