Your sound !!….13.04.2021

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Above everything else, satan wants your voice silenced. The battle for this epoch of time is over your sound. Our God rules by His voice. He rules by sound. He governs the universe by speaking to it. He uses language to shape the world. It is His voice that creates. We, His creation, reflect Him and are in His image when we speak and make a sound. We must understand the power of the spoken word.

God has authorized you to speak on His behalf. You are the only part of creation who is tasked to do this. No animal, no fish and no bird was given this role. The only reason God gave you a mouth was so that you could release power. Satan has to obey your voice, satan is your slave and you are his master.

Your voice registers in two realms, firstly through conversation when you communicate in the earth realm. Secondly, your voice legislates to bring down principalities in the spirit realm.

Just like God, you are a talking spirit. Your authority in the spirit realm is massive, and the spirit realm pays close attention to your voice, because you speak on behalf of God. No wonder the enemy has spent so long working to silence you. God is fixing things with His mouth and not with His hands. That is what we are to mirror.

Emma Stark

Enjoy your day.

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