Adam is gone!!….15.04.2021

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Adam and Eve just went missing!!

God is spirit. Adam and Eve is spirit, both exist in the spirit realm. God breathed into Adam and give him a spirit dimension. We become living spirits with a spirit dimension. God gave Adam the substance of another dimension.

We are NOT a physical being looking for a spiritual experience. We are a spirit being having a temporary physical experience! Adam could see in the spirit. It was perfectly normal for Adam and Eve to see God in the Garden of Eden. It was also normal for Adam to see, eat and taste in the physical realm.

However, everything changed at the fall. When Adam sin, his physical eyes opened and and his spiritual eyes closed and he become more physical, fleshly focused. When God went to talk to Adam and Eve in the “cool” of the day, God was not looking for them in the fleshly realm, but in the spiritually realm. The word “cool” is translated from the Hebrew word “ruach” which mean breath/wind/spirit. God was out looking for them in the spirit realm, where they were all used to hanging out and communicating together as spirit beings. After the fall, Adam and Eve spiritual life were switch off.

We can see why the spiritual eyes of most of the people on earth are still closed. In the presence of God we are not in the need of anything. That is why God said “focus on the things from above…don’t worry what you shall eat or drink…what you shall wear.”……From Emma Stark.

God is still looking for us in the spiritual realm. How?

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