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Prophecy is Conditional.

The key to the process of prophecy is obedience. In the Old Testament the word “faith” is only used twice. However, the concept of faith is built into to the obedience of God’s people. Therefore, when God’s word comes to you, always look for for the obedience factor.

Just because you received a prophetic word, it does not means it’s a done deal. We are often tempted to believe that the fulfillment of a prophetic word is the next step in our lives., but their may be some things we have to do first in obedience to God. Prophetic word also need timing so that we can be prepared when to move. Do not run away ahead of God, but be prepared to move when the time comes. When we move in presumption, we open ourselves and our families to needless attacks from the family. We must remember that we only see a part of the picture.

Just as God has a plan for your life, you can be just as sure that satan has a plan for your life. Satan considers it his job to destroy every plan and plan God has for you and YOUR family and your TERRITORY.

God’s word has tremendous power. When God speaks a prophetic word or promise, there is power within that words. There is power to gain the supply we need. There is power to step into a new level of faith. There is power to overthrow the enemy. Take the word that God gave you, and speak it back to God in prayer, it is a potent combination. Declare the prophetic word to our circumstances and any mountain of opposition standing in the way.

Each of us has purposes, promises and a destiny to find, fight for and to fulfill.

C. Pierce.

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