A Promise for you….03.06.2021

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

When God speaks a prophetic promise, there is power within the words. There is power to gain the supply we need. There is power to step into a new level of faith and there is power to overthrow the enemy. Therefore, when we take a prophetic word that God has given us and speak it back to God in prayer, it is a potent combination.

At times we must declare the prophetic word to our circumstances and any mountain of opposition standing in the way. Each of us has purposes, promises and a destiny to find, fight for and fulfill.

A War strategy: (2 Chron. 20)

They fasted – v3. One of the greatest weapons we have in spiritual warfare.

They inquired the Lord. V.4

In faith they declared their God-given boundaries, reminding God of his promises..v.7

They acknowledge their own futility and recognized that they needed to keep their eyes on God or be overtaken by the enemy…v.12

They positioned themselves to face the enemy. Positioning is a crucial element of any warfare…v17

They sought counsel…v21

They worshiped and praised the Lord…v22


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