The Spoils of War !!….04.06.2021

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The spoils of war:

2 Chron 20:25

War does not end in victory alone. There is more to grasp. The victory was not complete until they gathered the spoils of war.

If you read this passage you will see it took the people of Juda three days to collect all the spoils of war. It was more than they could carry away. The same happened to the Israelites when they left Egypt. As the Lord bring us into victory, we need to ask Him what spoils of war He has for us to gather. What has the enemy been holding from us that he must now give up as a result of our victory.


Salvation of loved ones?

Physical healing?

Deliverance from tormenting.

Remember the nature of war that the one who is defeated must relinquish something to the victor. And with every victory comes new authority with greater power to overthrow our enemy in the battles that is coming in the future.

When it is for time to war – WAR !!!

But there is also time to rest. Our whole live is not meant to be marked by warfare. There is a time for everything, including rest. But be carefull, David’s greatest downfall came during his reign, when it was time for war he stayed home, passivity in a time of war is disastrous.


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