The Fall of Man….07.07.2021

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The Fall of man

The man God put in Eden was totally different from the man outside the garden. Man possessed a spirit the same as angels and also a soul. God gave Adam perfect freedom. God did not created man like a robot and control him like a robot, but, God told Adam what he can eat and what not. Adam was not a machine run and controlled by God. Adam had perfect freedom and choice. If Adam choose to obey God, he could; if he decided to rebel against God, he could do that too. Adam had a choice to obey or disobey. Unless we actively cooperate, God will never undertake anything for us. Neither God nor the devil can do any work without first obtaining our permission, for man’s will is free. Under normal conditions the spirit is like a mistress, the soul like a steward and the body like a servant.

But, man has fallen and sinned and the order of the spirit, soul and body has been confused. If man’s spirit and soul would maintain as created, healthiness and liveliness, his body would be able to continue forever without change. God’s own life would enter Adam’s spirit and Adam’s body would be in possession of eternal life and be spiritual. If this process is reversed man would plunged into darkness and the body would not last very long.

God forbid Adam to eat from the tree of good and evil, but only from the tree of life. The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil uplifts the human soul and suppresses the spirit.

The knowledge of good and evil in this world is itself evil and is coming from the intellect of man’s soul. It lift the soul life and press down the spirit life.

We must understand that the two trees indicate spiritual life and the other soul life. We know that soul life bring death to the spirit life. God put a perfect balance to the three parts of man. If one part is over- developed the others will suffer.

We also knew that God made the body and blew the breath of life into his nose. The sole originate from that.

From “ The Spritual Man”…W. Nee.

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