Jesus in your bedroom?….19.04.2021

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As for the events of King David’s reign, from beginning to end, they are written in the records of Samual, the SEER, the records of Nathan the prophet, and the records of Gad, the SEER. (1 Chron 29::29)

The word translate for SEER is to see, to behold, to become aware, to become visible. It also means to experience. In Jer. 20:9 say the experience is like fire in the bones of men. God was asking Jeremiah several time: “What do you see?”

This aspect in our Christian life can be switched on in an instant. Having your spiritual eyes opened will reveal where there are angels in the room, which mantle is on a person, or which demonic hindrances are present in a place. This practice may also show you where Jesus is standing in a room full of people. This is where you must go, because the breakthrough will be there.

Demons can’t read your mind.

It may be possible to see Jesus in your bedroom.

Jesus modeled this in His own life. He looked and only did what He see His Father was doing.

Emma Stark.

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